Saturday, March 6, 2010

PG update

Well today ends another week that God has brought us through. It really is amazing to think about all the things that we have been through, all the days, months and years and all the crazy ups and downs.

Many have been praying fervently that God would bring us the needed sales in order for us to continue and this week He over delivered. A weeks ago we have the largest sales week we have had since last Aug. and this week we/HE beat that. I haven't had time to see how far that goes, but maybe since May-June.

We are currently in the Everett home show and it is going well. This show always helps us since people know where we are instead of the Seattle show people often don't have any idea where Granite Falls is.

Please keep praying, as we can still use plenty more business- although this kind of week certainly helps. God is so kind to us- even though I don't deserve it.

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Bekah said...

I am doing my "Praise God" dance as we speak!!!! WAHOO!!