Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where's the Food?

As we walk this pilgrim journey we can often be tempted to doubt the Lord's provision for the things we need, and this is sin- no less sin than that of the Israelites in the wilderness. When we read the OT it is easy to take God's side when finding fault in His people and agree with Him that they are rebellious and ungrateful- but are we not the same way?

Since I am reading through Deuteronomy right now, God is allowing a glimpse into the life of His people as they were in the wilderness- getting ready to take possession of the Promised Land. I think about His specific instructions in making the Tabernacle, counting the tribes, putting leaders over certain groups, hygiene clarification, worship directives and even the order in which to set up their tents. And what about all those animals? I guess I never really thought about all of them in the wilderness before.

With all their sacrifice requirements- even in the wilderness- there had to be millions of animals out there with them. So God fed His people with manna but did the animals eat manna, or was there enough grass everywhere to sustain them? I have flown over parts of where they were and there isn't a lot of grass there now.

The important point is not how God supplied, but that He DID supply. Since God led them into the wilderness He then had to provide for them there. It is obvious that if He led them into a place that had lots of water and grass that He would have been providing for them by bringing them to the grass, but sometimes He provides by bringing the grass and water to us.

I can get anxious when I think about How He is going to provide for some thing today, but He tells us that if we commit our way to Him, He will act. If He leads us, then He promises to provide for us where He leads- no matter how much of a desert it looks like- He will provide. Not only will He provide for us but He will provide for those who go with us. He does not take us into the wilderness to let us starve or die of thirst- that is what angered Him so much with the Israelites- they couldn't see past their next drink of water or sack lunch. We are not too different.

He leads us into green pastures and beside still waters, even if we can't see them- they are there and we just have to wait on Him to show us. Easier to write than to do. The water in the desert tastes much sweeter.

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