Sunday, March 14, 2010

PG Weekly Update

The week at PG was very good, but no records. I like it when God stacks a record on top of another record, but not this time. We still need for people to be ready to go so the guys can keep working on the fab and install side, so pray that we would get people who are ready to go in right away.

God has been doing an amazing job of getting people to us who want to purchase the material we have in inventory and that is awesome.

It is also amazing to think about how God has worked on our behalf, and as it says in Deut. it is not because of any righteousness on my part but because He chose to bless us. We must remember, if and when He prospers us some more, that it is Him who has given the abundance and it is He Who sustains us in any of our endeavors. It is easy to start to do well and then all of a sudden think that this is because of something that we have done. We must work hard and smart but if there is any success it is because He allows it.

Moses told the Israelites to never forget where they had come from and Who had brought them to where they were- we must do the same. We must never be proud of the grace that God has extended to us, because He is the One Who gives and He is the One Who can also take away.

Looking forward to another amazing week as He provides for us in some crazy way so that He alone will be able to gain the glory from this. Thanks for your prayers and please keep doing that.

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Janet said...

Thanks for the regular updates and requests. It is good to pray intelligently and to hear of the answers. I will be praying for your friend and his wife also.