Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flatter seas and a touch of blue sky

God gives us just what we can handle and then He gives us a little relief.

So I have been praying, along with many of you all-thank you very much- that I would have wisdom and that God would provide for PG. So after much petitioning and begging for Him to do His will, today I got a call from our bookkeeper. She told me that we had set aside a pretty nice chunk of cash for something that we didn't end up having to fund, which is going to loosen up the cash flow issue just a little.

I didn't need for the entire sea to be flat, or for there to be no more clouds, but it was certainly gracious of Him to give me a little break from the waves and bit of blue sky on the horizon.

So thanks for your prayers and praise God for His gracious provision. I was totally blown away.

Please continue to pray for our sales to increase and that we would have wisdom to know what projects to take on and what to let go. Also, that He would continue to reveal Himself to us and His will for our future.

Again, thanks for praying for us. It really does work.

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bean said...

yay! we will keep praying.