Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praise God for answering Prayer


Thomas a Kempis

"MY CHILD, I must be your supreme and last end, if you truly desire to be blessed. With this intention your affections, which are too often perversely inclined to self and to creatures, will be purified. For if you seek yourself in anything, you immediately fail interiorly and become dry of heart.

Refer all things principally to Me, therefore, for it is I Who have given them all. Consider each thing as flowing from the highest good, and therefore to Me, as to their highest source, must all things be brought back.

From Me the small and the great, the poor and the rich draw the water of life as from a living fountain, and they who serve Me willingly and freely shall receive grace upon grace. He who wishes to glory in things apart from Me, however, or to delight in some good as his own, shall not be grounded in true joy or gladdened in his heart, but shall be burdened and distressed in many ways. Hence you ought not to attribute any good to yourself or ascribe virtue to any man, but give all to God without Whom man has nothing.

I have given all things. I will that all be returned to Me again, and I exact most strictly a return of thanks. This is the truth by which vainglory is put to flight.

Where heavenly grace and true charity enter in, there neither envy nor narrowness of heart nor self-love will have place. Divine love conquers all and enlarges the powers of the soul.

If you are truly wise, you will rejoice only in Me, because no one is good except God alone, Who is to be praised above all things and above all to be blessed."

I have been praying, along with many others, for clear direction and for increased traffic and sales for Priceless.
Yesterday we had 12 new leads, which is double what a pretty good day normally brings.
I was just thinking that when we ask God for something and He immediately answers those prayers it is SIN not to immediately give Him praise for His gracious answer and provision. He is worthy of our praise, so we should delightfully, joyfully and exuberantly give Him praise.
I want to be quick to give Him praise for His working in my life.

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