Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glory Be To Our Great God

Eternal God, unchanging
Mysterious and unknown
Your boundless love unfailing
In grace and mercy shown
Bright seraphim in ceaseless flight
Around your glorious throne
Their voices raised both day and night
In praise to you alone

Glory be to our great God
Glory be to our great God!

Lord, we are weak and frail,
Helpless in the storm
Surround us with your angels
Hold us in your arms
Our cold and ruthless enemy
His pleasure is our harm
Rise up, oh Lord, and he will flee
Before our Sovereign God

Glory be to our great God!
Glory be to our great God!

Let every creature in the sea
And every flying bird
Let all the mountains, all the fields
And valleys of the earth
Let all the moons and all the stars
Throughout the universe
Sing praises to the Living God
Who rules them by His word

Glory be to our great God
Glory be to our great God!
Fernando Ortega

What great lyrics for drawing our hearts to worship The Great God we serve.
Some things that have been especially meaningful to me of late are;

All these words for sure are true, but to remember that He is unchanging from eternity past to eternity future, in our ever changing world, is such a source of comfort.

As I meditate on His boundless, unfailing love I am struck by the fact that it is for me and for you that He gives freely of that love. He lavishes His love on us, who are sinners and once His enemies.

I am truly starting, for the first time in my life, to understand that I really am weak. Men, I think especially, are prone to thinking that we have to always be strong and always have the answer, when in fact we are always frail and if God chose to crush us, even with just 1 single germ, He could do that and we would have no recourse but to submit to His power.

Of course "Helpless in the storm" rings all to clearly for me right now, but how thankful I am to Him that He does surround us with His angels and He does hold us in His arms. What a comfort to know, and even genuinely feel, the nearness of God as we are in trials that are so far greater than we can handle ourselves; He is the rock that we can cling to, the arms that hold us up, the eyes we can look into for our security.

Ashamedly, we often take all these things for granted and we are not the first and loudest to praise to Him. All the fields, forests, seas and animals are praising Him, we are most blessed and should be most joyful and ready to praise our Great God.

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