Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's the REAL Score?

Last night we played a few game of basketball against another area "Christian" school. I was reminded of something my dad told me a long time ago. He taught high school at a public school, when I was in grade school, and that school played a "Christian" school as part of their regular schedule. One time we had traveled to their school and had beaten them. When the guys came out of the locker room to return home, they went to get on the bus and all the tires had been slashed. Another time one of the moms had threatened the life of one of the officials. He said that school had the worst reputation in the league.

Last night's game was not that bad, but there was certainly room for improvement. I am glad to be associated with Grace Academy and the reputation that the school has in the community. This includes how the other schools view GA, how officials view GA and how GA parents view the kids and faculty of GA.

Last night the girls lost and the boys won, but the actual score that counts is not on the score board. I believe that we should play to win, but not at the expense of our testimony. When our guys come off the floor and say that the other team was swearing the entire game, what do the officials think? Is this what Christianity is all about? If so, why would anyone be drawn to it? They already have that at every other school in the state, and public schools are "free."

Way to go GA students who are living for Christ in a very tough environment. Thanks be to God for students that He has changed to the likeness of His Son, and may He have the grace to change the lives of the students at the other school, so they can see what the real score.

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Leila said...

I so agree! I thought Jay had a fantastic attitude - he was smiling while defending a...well, at least from what I could see...less than joyful player. I thought our guys and gals played with great integrity, even when there were bad calls or cheap shots. It was also fun to see the "less than joyful" player get a little humbled.

Good job Coach Grant and GREAT free-throw shooting Garrett!