Monday, January 19, 2009

His Highly Esteemed People.

"If God esteems so highly His people now on earth, how much more will He value them when they are in heaven? If when the righteous are afflicted they are so excellent, how much more when they are crowned? If with their blemishes they are precious, then how much more when their imperfections shall be done away and they shall be presented to the Father without spot and wrinkle? If gold is valuable in the wedge and the ore, then how precious is it when it is fully refined? If wheat is excellent when it is mingled with chaff, then how much worth has it when it is fanned and made pure?

If God reputes the righteous more excellent than others when conflicting with infirmities, then how incomparably excellent and glorious will they appear in His eye when they shall be cleansed from all remaining corruption, and shall shine with knowledge as the air with light? If a man makes any account of his friend when he sees him under distempers of body which cause forwardness, how much more will he prize him when he sees him in perfect health and his spirit calm and sedate? If God esteems the righteous better than others in the present juncture of time, when they have their unto-ward passions and fainting-fits of unbelief, what will He do when they shall be perfectly holy and as angels of God?" Thomas Watson

This is a little harder read, but worth the work. How sweet it is to know that our Father loves us now, in our weaknesses and He will continue to love us as we progressively are sanctified to His likeness. Oh what a day it will be when we are perfectly holy like the angels!

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