Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day Two in the Books

Well, I really don't know where to start this one in a new and fresh way, except that restating that God is Good doesn't seem to get stale.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty crazy. I forgot to tell you about Grant's "check-in". The nurse had told me she needed to enter Grant's information into the computer for history and of course billing. So we started going through the screen and let me tell you that if I wrote this story line, I wouldn't write it as my "Granter" arrived at the hospital by ambulance, with a V-fib arrest, and a "code". Our kids are not "supposed" to get this kind of a story line. Dad can get that, but not the kids. Old people get this, but not healthy kids. But God is the Writer and He gets to write it the way He sees best. I think if it were up to us we would only let mean people have this kind of line. For those who are reading this who know Grant, you know he really doesn't fall into the mean category.

So while driving this morning to the hospital I was resigned to the fact that today would probably be uneventful, Grant would most likely not move much, or at all, and we were certainly not guaranteed anything connected to any brain functions.

The doctor informed me this morning that they really are not excited about anyone being without a pulse for more than 5 minutes. Grant had no pulse of his own for 40 minutes. Without help from Teresa and 2 sets of paramedics this story would be much different. One of our friend had talked to some of the paramedics and found out that they were encouraged by the ease of delivering an airway to Grant, but were surprised how difficult it was to get his heart to restart. Apparently when the younger crowd get a defibrillator shock they normally "wake" right up, but God had a different plan for Grant. He is the One who controls every single heartbeat. God is also the only One who rightfully can showoff, and for this dad, I'm happy He was showing off how powerful He really is. Remember that God allowed Lazarus to die so that His glory could be shown in Jesus raising him from the dead. If Grant were an easy case then this would have not been so miraculous.

So we came in and Grant's temp was purposefully low, he was in a medically paralyzed state, and of course he was very still. Our paramedic friend told me that we should be encouraged because he had seen many cases that looked much more grim than Grant's, and they had walked out shortly after. That was about 15 minute before the serious change for the better. Thanks for the encouragement Tim.

I talked to Jen G. and she was telling me that Joint Heirs had a very fervent prayer time about the same time, plus or minus 5 minutes, that God changed Grant's condition. He went from no response to watching people and squeezing fingers and starting to talk. James 5:16 The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!! Thank you to everyone around the world praying for us. Jesse M is mapping out the locations of everyone we know is praying for Grant and we will send you a link. We know right now from Israel to Hawaii. WOW!

So now, 10 something pm Grant is doing amazing. He is very tired. BUT he talks and understands everything that people are talking about. He told Teresa "I love you mom" around 7pm, he was changing the channel on the tv and watching Shrek. He looks great and seems to have full understanding of what's going on. OH our God is good!!!
Remember the markers.

So what lies ahead? He still needs to have a defibrillator implanted, he still is very weak, he may have an infection of some sort and there is much left to do in terms of rehab.

His body has been turned off completely for an entire 24 hr period and was subjected to a serious medical sedation. This will take sometime to get out of his system, only to have another surgery and get more sedation. For those of you who have had a general anesthesia you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The positive is; he is young and very strong.
Some markers are; he already has picked up both of his legs at one time, like doing those crazy leg lifts we used to do in school. Yesterday he was "Dead" and today he is doing calisthenics:)

Most of all God must not be finished with him yet.

Teresa and I talked about one of her markers this morning. God didn't allow Grant to have his cardiac arrest while he was sleeping. Just one hour earlier and this would most likely be a different story. She wouldn't have heard him fall and so his heart would have been off for at least an entire hour before, maybe, she would have gone up to find him. Oh our Heavenly Father is kind.

I spoke the other day for an Academy event and I talked a little about our children being a great investment. How good is God in allowing our family to continue with Grant.

How good is God when 77 people, who love Grant and our family, showed up yesterday. Someone started a guest registry for us in the waiting room. Today was Easter so people had much more to do with their families and it is the Lord's day and we had 109 people. How sweet is that. Kimmy made the rule that if you come more than once in one day you don't get counted twice, but you do earn more love points from us:) So around 186 people have been here to encourage our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pray that Grant would fight off infection. He is running a slight temp right now.

Pray that the docs would know the right time for the next procedure.

Pray that Garrett and Teresa would be able to erase yesterday morning and go right to the fact that they saved his life. Mom's having a hard time, even though she did exactly the right thing and she did it the right way. Kids don't need to see their sibling in this condition. But God even has a plan for this as well.

Pray that Teresa would be able to rest.

Pray that the Gospel would go forth even in Grant's "Imprisonment" as many are watching the body come along side and they know there is something very different about these people.

He looks like Grant again.

Heb. 13:20 May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, 21equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever.

Resting in His care and trusting in His promises,

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Rachel Israel said...

Praise the Lord! God is so good. This morning at breakfast I was telling a bunch of the IBEX students more about Grant and they prayed for him. Not five minutes later I came down to the computer room and was reading the updates! God is so very good. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Rachel, for all of those in Israel.

Ash said...

I'm in Israel with Rachel,and tears came to my eyes when I just read this update. God is sooo merciful!!!!!!!
Praise the Lord!!!

I continue to pray for you all!
Hang in there, Garrett and Teresa! You two are specifically in my prayers!!

God Bless!

Rachel Israel said...

Driving through Jerusalem today, we almost got in an accident numerous times...drivers here, well...It just made me thank God for how he has each moment of our lives planned out. He is the one who holds the future. Though I know that His plan is perfect, I am so thankful that He has chosen for Grant to share more time with us here on this earth. Know that your lives and testimony are touching lives here in Israel, and there are many here that are thinking about and praying for you!

"I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the LORD!" Psalm 27:13-14

Jeremy Martin said...

Just wanted to let you know that Annie and I have spread the word to our church family here in Charleston, and we are confident that they will join us all in praying for you guys. This blog is an absolutely amazing testimony Chuck - I am glad that you chose to do this.

Along the same lines, we know that people are praying for you in Montgomery, Alabama via Joel Karabach's "special friend". So there's two more cities for your list!

We're sorry to be so far away, but if we can help in any way or pass on any particular requests - don't hesitate to ask.

Ash said...

(When I said Garett and Teresa, I was thinking of Grant's siblings. If I mixed up the names, please forgive me.)

Sherry said...

Weinberg Family,

Your confidence in the Lord is such a testimony to His grace and goodness; thank you for your heart-felt updates. I praise God with you for His sparing Grant's life and for his continued recovery. You KNOW that the Academy will be praying for ALL of you each day throughout the day! I will continue to specifically pray for Teresa and Garrett too. Let me know if the JH Service Club can do anything to help.

Sound His praise,


S.J. Walker said...


My Name is Sam Walker. I read your updates off of a link from Phil Johnson's site.
My wife and I are in Grand Junction CO.

I am admonished and exhorted and burdened to pray. Indeed, God IS Good!
Looking forward to updates.

Bekah said...

God is SO good! It was amazing to see how much Grant has improved!!Praise God!!

Bekah said...

Also your story made the pyros blog. It will be hard for Jesse to track all of those people now! God is good!

sar said...

i love you, weinbergers!

i was so glad to hear that grant is sitting up & talking! PTL! it's hard to believe after seeing those pictures of him on saturday.

you all have been in my mind a LOT & in my prayers constantly. what a wonderful thing that such a horrible time for you guys could put GOD & His AWESOME grace & mercy on display!

i love to watch the way the family
of God works through things like this. immediately when mom called me crying on saturday i started praying, & within about 5 minutes the news had travelled from washington state to north carolina & all the way to israel!

count me in as one of your visitors!

love you guys
sar bear

Leila said...

Well, in case Teresa wasn't my hero before, she certainly is now. I hope I can be even a little close to the amazing woman she is! Andy and I have been realizing just how much your family means to us, and I've been realizing what an amazing co-leader I have. Better yet, we've been astounded at our Awesome God! Thank you for the updates - we love you guys!