Thursday, March 27, 2008

Map and More

Sorry I have not updated you this morning. My sister Rosie called and asked about Grant's heart rate, and I have apparently had a "Dori" moment as I forgot where I left you all.

They gave Grant a Beta blocker last night which slows the heart rate down. He will be on this for a while, if not all his life in this "tent". Within a couple of hours of taking this his HR was back down to normal.

They woke him up about 6:30a for an x-ray. The tech asked how he was doing, and he responded that "well, since I was dead just a couple of days ago, I guess I'm doing pretty good". That's Grant's normal sense of humor. That's going to be a hard story to top. "I went sky diving, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu, I was dead". I think that will probably "win".

The cardiologist came by and we talked. She is still very excited about his condition. The Medtronic tech also came by and showed Grant how the machine could be tested. He increased Grant's HR from the computer from 95 up to 110. When he did it he told Grant that he may be able to feel it and as soon as it happened Grant coughed because it felt different. Wow, technology is amazing. They will also give Grant a monitor, of sorts, that will sit next to his bed and they can watch his progress from a remote computer while he sleeps. We also got to hear the beeper that tells when the unit needs to be checked.

He has taken 2 full laps around this floor. People in the halls are saying, "Oh, you're the one". When we started walking I had to tell him to slow down.

I told Grant that he would probably have some people that would cry when they see him for the first time.

OK, about the map. I hear it takes a while to load, and I know that you all want to be added to it, and it really is a fun thing. Thanks Jess. But I'm not smart enough to add to it, so we'll have to wait for someone else to update it.")

We are so encouraged by your responses.

Thanks for loving us and for all your prayers. It is amazing that we are meeting new friends all over the world through Grant's event.

Pray for strength today so he can walk as much as possible and have any concerns removed before going home tomorrow. Pray that God would continue to use this event to change hearts and draw people to Himself.

Enjoying being with Grant,

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AdamB said...

Grant, Chuck, Teresa,
It was great to see you all today. We'll keep praying for healing, strength and perseverance. God is good.

gale said...

Grant - or as Monty Python said:

dave & gale

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the problem with the map. Here's a new link: Prayer Map

If you want your country/state to be added - e-mail me at

Praise God and enjoy!