Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick Update

Grant's temp has gone down to 98.7 from 101, so good news.

He is very alert and understands everything we talk to him about, he just can't remember what the answer to the question he just asked 5 minutes ago. We have told him it is Monday about 5 times already and he always says "really?".

The doctor was very encouraged with his progress and said she thought that they would move him to the chair today. He will be glad to get out of the bed even for a little bit.

The doctor told him that she didn't think they were going to allow him to play competitive sports from here on out, but golf was probably okay. He was visibly saddened when she told him that he would probably not be able to play for 6 weeks. His face sunk and he said that would mean he would miss state. He loves golf.

All of your comments are so encouraging, sorry I can't respond to them all. For those of you who are just reading my posts, you will be just as encouraged by reading the comments as from reading the blog.

I'll give you more later. It's sweet to be here visiting with the family and to have Grant ask us "when do I get to go home?"

God is good and He blesses us more than we deserve.

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Grant said...

It's so great to hear about Grant's progress!!! God is so gracious!! I am still praying for you all often! I live a few blocks from the hospital and can actually see the top of it out my bedroom window. So every time I look out my window while I study I see the hospital and it reminds me of you all.

Praying for you all!

cwblogger said...

I don't think I have had so many tears in any 2-2 1/2 days in my life! To be honest, most of them are tears of joy! God is amazing! He didn't even break a sweat this whole weekend!

He has brought so much joy to my heart since Saturday morning! Obviously His work on Grant has been, well, Grant-astic! More encouraging and joy-infusing than that has been the faith in Christ verbalized and demonstrated in the life of the whole Weinberg family! While His miraculous work on Grant's body is unbelievable, His work in raising the 5 Weinberg souls to new life and seeing them through the sanctification process on their way to perfection is a divine phenomenon. What joy to see your family loving Christ for better or worse; in sickness and health; in good times and bad!

Praise God for His divine and sovereign work in all of you!

Larry Short said...

Well, Chuck and Theresa, you guys don't know me, but a mutual friend (Sandy Hess) asked our team here at World Vision to pray for Grant, so I started reading the blog from the bottom up.

I hung on every word and wept several times. Pretty embarrassing, sitting here at my desk in front of coworkers.

Anyway, what a dramatic story of God's love and power! And you have done such an amazing job writing it. I felt like I was there at your side, experiencing all the highs and lows.

I have a 25 year old son and a 21 year old daughter. I often take them for granted, I know. So I was really touched and challenged by your father's heart. Reading this has made me stop and thank God anew for these precious gifts.

So, I hope you are encouraged by the fact that people you don't know are being touched by this story. In return, we will continue to lift Grant up, as God reminds us to do so, until he has completely recovered. Keep up the blogging and let us know how it goes.

gale said...

Hey Grant - when they finally let you use your sticks again David would love to play a round with you. And since David is sooooo old, you don't have to worry about a fast pace round! God is so good....He even made golf! Sorry that we are not up with you all, but have tons of people praying for you and your family here in California.

love, the lights

Jonathan Sarr said...

Hey, Chuck and company. You can tell Grant that being out six weeks from golf, starting today, would get him back in time to brush up a couple of days before the Quad-District Tournament. Do well there, and you're on to State!

Thought that might be encouraging. That's IF they let you golf in six weeks.

I couldn't be more thrilled to see what God is doing among and through you guys. What an encouragement.

I love you all and wish I could see you.


Jonathan Sarr said...

Oh yeah. And he already qualified for Districts, by the way. :)

Dawn said...

Chuck and Teresa,
Grant is "granted" back to you! I'm sure you thought of that already. I want you to know that we've had people here in China lifting you all up to Father for the last three days, too. You are dear people. Father is being glorified through you all around the world!
Dawn Shultz