Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day Five and ICD in Place

Grant is doing great. The ICD is in place and he is resting. He was pretty tired today, but says he doesn't have any pain from the ICD.

He was a little green from the anti bacterial scrub, it was green in color. 2 HS small groups came here tonight and they were talking about him being the hulk.

There is a little concern from the nursing staff. When he stands up his heart rate goes up to around 145, so they are not too excited about that. We will talk to the cardiologist tomorrow morning and I'm sure she will have some thoughts.

I also talked to her about Grant's stay here. He, of course, wants to go home tonight, but that's not happening. There is a very good chance he will be here until Friday, but it's better to be safe in this situation.

The cardiologist is also highly recommending that the other 2 kids should have an eco cardiogram to rule out the possibility of the same non compaction as Grant has. As I said before, this is a very rare condition, and they don't have a lot of cases to reference, so they want to be cautious in what takes place. Right now if there is a similar condition in the other 2 kids they may suggest an ICD for them as well.

Kimmy is scheduled for and "eco" tomorrow and Garrett for Monday.

I did ask the cardiologist if, in her mind, compaction was a contributor to Grant's event and she is relatively sure that it does have something to do with it. We want to make sure that the others don't have an event. Even though I wouldn't change the path God has laid out for us this week, I want to do everything we can do to not take unnecessary risks.

I'll post again in just a little bit. I want to change the subject a bit.
Pray for Grant's heart rate.

Also, pray for Mark J. who is on the 8th floor tonight recovering from a 9 hr. back surgery. He's had pretty serious pain for about 6 years and today they have hopefully helped that situation. He'll be in here for 5-6 more days. He's in for a real marathon in rehab. Pray for endurance for Mark and the family.

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Rachel Israel said...


Praise the Lord for Grant doing so well. We'll be praying for Kimmy and Garrett as they go in for their tests. We love you guys! Rachel