Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ninja Mom

Here is Teresa using the tools she knows best to deflate the balloons that are flat in Grant's room. Thought that those of you that know her would appreciate her using the pruners to do something besides horticulture.

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Joan Dabrowski said...

T: tenacious like a mama bear
E: eager to bring her cub home
R: resting in God's promises
E: energy enough to break a door!
S: savoring each moment with Grant
A: a ninja warrior that I love with all of my heart and then some.

AndyB said...

Aren't pruners considered a weapon? How did she get those into the hospital and why did she bring them to the hospital anyhow? I bet she was pruning the flowers or maybe she was weeding the flower beds.
I totally agree with Joan's comment, too.