Friday, March 28, 2008

School, Home and Report

It's still snowing outside, but it's warm and pretty quiet in the house. I like quiet.

We made it in time for Grant to see all his buds at the school. It was really nice for them to get to see him and for him to feel so loved by the staff and students. Some of the kids said it was like there was a celebrity there. He's a celeb to me.

We then came home and I got to take a nice long shower to get all the hospital off me:) Oh it feels so good to be home. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Our cardiologists are the best!!!

Dr. B. came in fro a "social visit" this morning and said she was very happy with Grant's progress. She wants him to be active and get out and do things, just not put his left arm up over his shoulder. The leads need time for his body to build some cells around the wires and after that happens, in about a month, they will not be able to move around at all. Right now they are just kind of hanging in his heart and if he moves too much they could get dislodged. Probably not the direction we want to go right now.

Dr. C. came in after Dr. B. left, because C comes after B:), and told us that her day off is Thursday, yesterday, and she spent the day in the library at UW trying to figure out what's really going on with Grant. She said that there are so few cases of non compaction that there really is not "expert" to turn to. She also said that all the info is only in books, not online, so to find out what she needs to, she has to read in the library. I thanked her for that sacrifice of her time and she blew it off as being her job. I told her that you only do that kind of thing when you love your job. She replied that even if she won the lottery she would continue to be a cardiologist. Wow, what a great person to have on your side.

Kimmy just turned in her EKG machine and instead of making us wait to find out what's going on there, and having mama be concerned with the outcome, she read all the reports and films and said that Kimmy is fine. How good is that? She wasn't concerned with her slow heart rate and said that she looks very healthy. Only one more to go.:)

Thanks to Providence for a great experience and great care for us in a time that could have been much more stressful. You get 5 stars in the service and care departments from the Weinbergs.

It seems as if this is coming to more of a close. It's been kind of a whirl wind week. God has carried us through it and we will try to continue to rest in His care. We humans forget so fast.

I did run up and see Mark J. this morning and he seems to be doing great, for having a 9 hr. surgery 2 days ago.

Pray that he would continue to gain strength and he would be able to get off the pain meds soon. He has a long road, but looks amazing for what he's been through.

Pray that Garrett's Eco would be conclusive, what ever that may be, God knows.

Pray that Teresa would be able to rest in knowing that God is in control even after Grant has come home. She doesn't really want to leave him alone. Remind us that if God can take care of all the issues He has, that He certainly can sustain us trough the day to day things.

We'll see most of you on Sunday.

Happy to be home,

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Joan Dabrowski said...

Thanks for sharing your heart openly so that God can use your experience to encourage others. You and Teresa have been transformed in a radical way by the loving hand of the Pruner. I can't wait to see the fruit of His work in your families lives! May His glory continue to shine forth-

Curries said...

Chuck & Teresa,
Stuart and I are truly moved by your love and courage and strength. And your continued thoughtfulness of others. We are so happy to rejoice with you in Grant's awesome experience. Thank you for your generous sharing so we can all learn.
With so much love to all five of you,
- Angela & Stuart

pamelaspurling said...

Chuck and Teresa - I am in tears reading your story... for many reasons. But primarily, I want to say, yes, the LORD is good - only good all the time. Teresa, I've spent time with you at women's retreats... I'm praying for God's perfect peace, direction and strength in and through you. Another reason for my tears... how I praise the LORD for Dr. Chung who God used mightily in my husband's life through her skillful hands as a surgeon when he had a heart attack a several months ago. We are ever grateful to her for her expertise and exceedingly thoughtful manner. And then... as a parent, I ponder what you've been facing and the great joy the LORD has given you to trust in Him and watch Him work so lovingly on your behalf. How I praise the LORD for His mercy. And, finally, for Grant... what a fine son he is.I rejoice with you and weep with you over this incredible journey. with sincere love in the Lord Jesus, pamela spurling.