Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He's Out

Grant is out of surgery now. He is doing great.

I'd send another picture, but he looks he same. When the bandage is off we'll post a picture of his new gear.

There are more pictures on the blog. I went home and downloaded them. No I am not a techy.

Thanks for your prayers,

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Bekah said...


RuthAnn said...

I heard the phrase today "the miracle of science". As we have seen it's "THE MIRACLES OF GOD"!!It's a good thing you are blogging all of this! The amazing details that God has allowed are getting too numerous to remember. Chuck, you better get those pics up soon or everyone will be asking Grant for 'show and tell'!
We're rejoicing with you!

Mr.Brown said...

Recieved Mr.Starr's email about Grant; wanted to let you know that we're all very pleased to hear that he's doing better and that we're looking forward to seeing him again on the court for his school. We've prayed for Grant in our staff meetings and I will update my staff on Grants condition. Its things like this that really put life into focus. God is Good!

Mark Brown
Highland Christian

Dawn said...

Keep the good news coming! Oddly, I cannot read the blog so Aletha is emailing it to me, but I can link to the comments pages and read/send them! So, know that there are people in China lifting your family heav'nward.

Mike Pietsch said...

It was certainly a privilege to be there when Grant was wheeled back into the room, alive and improving. God's blessings are certainly greater than sin's curse! It has certainly been a joy to me to meet my cousin Chuck and to talk and meet a man who loves the Lord. It is a blessing see God's hand in his life when trouble comes and he finds his safety in the Rock.
It is a joy to watch his bride show godly love to her children. I watched Teresa care for Grant and couldn't help but to wonder if Martha and Mary cared for Lazarus the same way before Jesus came to them.
I see Grant with a smile on his face that echoes the trust in his heart, and I know Christ is there lovingly keeping his life and guiding the doctors and staff.