Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ICD Surgery Scheduled

The doctor was just in and a looked at Grant. She said he certainly doesn't look like he needs to be here. It's true he looks really good and is smiling and laughing.

The surgery is scheduled for around 10a tomorrow and they are going to do a little physical therapy today for him. The procedure takes around 2 hours and I will get a picture of what it looks like so you can all see.

Megan B and Stephanie Z. were just here. The Z's will be excited to hear this story.

Steph didn't really want to come into the room but I told her that he was really awake and he would want to tease her, so she caved into the pressure.

She wasn't really talking to Grant and so I told her she needed to say something. Her pressing question was something about the device for Grant to be able to go to the bathroom. She really wanted to take home the plastic urinal for Pastor Z. to "use in a couple of years". She's a character.

The doctor then came in to talk to Grant and I about the procedure and Megan and I didn't realize that Steph was getting pretty pale. She had to go out and lay down because she was getting sick.

Thought you would enjoy that.

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Bekah said...

That is too funny about Stephanie! She is weak sauce!! I will definitely be praying the God will guide the doctors hand as the proceed with the surgery!!

Sarah Z said...

Well - I am glad that she can represent our family in such a respectful way. What a moron! On a side note - she has been very impacted (as a lot of us have) by everything that has happened to Grant. So while she may have asked a moronic question, she cares a lot about him and his recovery as do the rest of the Zimmers!We love you guys!

Mr.Brown said...

I only know Grant from watching him play sports and he is a great joy to watch and a great sportsman. I and the rest of the staff will be praying for his safe return and know that he will be in Gods Hands the entire time.

Mark Brown
Highland Christian School

most commonly known as (the little zimmer) said...

Wow thanks for posting this...I seriously have never felt that sick though like ever, so this is what was going through my head...man I swear I'm going to pass out...well I guess this is a good place to do it..hm I wonder if I should tell them that I'm really sick...I don't know well I'll just walk it off I guess

So yeah there you go