Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common Dislikes join Forces

Have you ever seen 2 people who didn't like each other at all be joined together, at least temporarily, by something or someone they liked even less? The commonality in their dislike causes them to join forces.

Luke 23:12 And Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day, for before this they had been at enmity with each other.

You probably know this story, but if not you can go back and read it. The state of the hearts of these 2 men is revealed right in front of their Creator. They didn't like each other at all up until the day Jesus came into their lives, but now they join together. What an evil pair this had to have been.

Were it not for grace I would be banding together with someone like Herod or Pilate in opposition to the cross and Christ. It is only Jesus' work in my life that has given me a love for Him and His Word. Why God would save me and not another I have no idea, but I'm glad He did.

Oh that some who are fighting against the cause of Christ, in their deadness to the things of Christ, would come to know Him and the power of His suffering and turn to Him in true joy. When we get to see this "turning" happen in ourselves and in the lives of others, it is such a encouragement to watch the metamorphosis; the change from the inside out.

Lord thanks you for the work You have done in us and please continue to complete us until You take us home. You have promised that You would not stop working, and we are dependent on all of Your promises. Do this work in others as well. May they see their sin and turn from it. Make us bold to proclaim the Good News You have given to us.

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