Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer Requests

I told you I would give you these, so here you go and thank you so much for your faithful prayers on our behalf.

Thanks be to God for providing an almost entirely full month of installs in March. Work for the crews is great.

We have some open spots the first part of April that we need to fill. Days without 2 installs never come back on the calendar, so we lose the opportunity to do the. Pray for ready clients.

Pray that God would have people to be excited about our inventory, as this is a big expense for us, and we need to sell ours before we go looking for material else where. God can do this.

Health and safety for our staff. Granite is very heavy and we like our people healthy.

Wisdom for pricing each project. Wisdom for making business decisions. Wisdom to know the right thing to do in each circumstance.

Our aim is to first please God and let Him take care of the rest, but we also must be working hard and smart to honor Him in all that we would do. Pray that we would.

Thanks again. It is working. He is providing.

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bean said...

praying praying. :) and again, i wonder, did you really post this at 4.17am!?!?!?! you are a machine.