Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please Pray for Them

Well it is very hard to believe that this Sunday will be a year since Grant's event. A lot has changed in my life in that year. A lot has changed in Grant's life as well. God is really growing him and bringing him to a closer walk with Himself.

The reason for this post is not for me or Grant though; it is for the "ninja-CPR giving-super hero mom".

For dads and sons these things are maybe a little easier to forget about. But it seems that for moms there are times in almost every day that a sound, or something different can trigger a thought that really effects Teresa.

She has such a soft heart and is a great and kind mom, and of course she would never want anything to happen to her kids, but when she hears certain noises it triggers the memory of the day that she had to save her son's life.

Pray for our family hero. Pray that she would trust the care of her Heavenly Father and that she would think right thoughts about His care for her. The days surrounding this time are probably going to be very hard for her, even though Grant is alive and seems to be doing well, it is still a difficult time.

Grant's event was on the weeding party day, which is this Saturday. And was the day before Easter, which is coming in a while.

Also, pray for those who have lost loved ones. I can think of a few right now; Grace, Sheri and SC & Mary Beth Chapman. Days on the calendar, smells, sounds and people, all trigger emotions that we can't know. God has a plan for each one of us and we have to trust that His plan is perfect for us, but we are weak, frail sinners and we often take our eyes of Him.

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