Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God's Blessed Trade

Romans 8:32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all..

How is it that God would trade His perfectly righteous, all powerful, perfectly good and kind Son for a sinner like me? What do I have to offer as any part of a trade that would make this seem right and good to Him? What does He get in exchange for His Son? What can I add to Him that He does not already have and has not given for me first in order that I could give it back?

There is no possible way to make this calculation make sense. Any financial person, or mathematician would tell you "this does not compute". BUT God has done this trade; trading His perfect Son for a very imperfect sinner.

So what should my response be to this? If I can add no righteousness, goodness, possessions or anything else to God, what am I supposed to do? Can I give back to God? Is this what He really wants?

In a very small way this is like parents and children. An infant can "add" nothing to the home except dirty diapers, many demanded feedings throughout the day and night and throwing up on things. Yet they bring no income, or support back into the family. So why would you have kids, knowing you're just making yourself a lot of work?

Children do bring joy into the home. Is the joy from the work or sleepless nights? Not so much, but they still bring joy. Especially as they grow up, they are lots of work and they cost a lot more, but they still can bring joy.

I think that just as our kids bring joy to the parents, we can bring joy to our Heavenly Father by, being thankful, being obedient and honor Him in every way we are able. Our kids honor us when they do this, which brings us joy.

I want to be adding to God's fullness of joy, some joy that He finds in me. He doesn't need my joy, to make His full, it is already full, but He loves to have His children glorify Him, by being obedient to what we know He has called us to do, by being thankful for what He has already done. He loves to be praised as we see our total dependence on Him and then come to receive all that He offers us. He doesn't want me to bring anything and He wants to give all of Himself to us. What a deal; we bring our need to Him, He fills it, we are blessed by His kindness and He is glorified in our dependent asking and thanksgiving.

God has truly gotten the short end of the stick when trading His Son for me, but for some reason He did not spare His only Son for me. What a blessed trade to prove an incomprehensible love. May I see this truth for what it really is and live it out for the entire world to see.

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