Thursday, March 12, 2009


"Let me know the need of restoration as well forgiveness of sins,
in order to serve and enjoy thee forever."
Valley of Vision

God's company, PG, is in the counter top business and often that is connected to the remodel business. He is currently providing work for many people through His grace.

I find it interesting that the term "Renovation" was used in this prayer. It conjures up numerous thoughts for me.

Renovation is all about taking something that is old and potentially dilapidated and making it better, or new. We have many projects right now in various stages of renovation. Some are just minor remodels, but others have been gutted and literally will be an entirely new house when they are finished. Is my heart in need of renovation? What junk needs to come out? Is there anything in my heart that I am not willing to part with?

Renovation means that we are taking something old out to make room for the new. Generally people don't just take something out and not replace it. Before the project even starts they are thinking about what new thing can go in the space to make it more usable and enjoyable. When God has convicted me of what needs to come out, what new piece will replace the old? Is there something I need to instill in my heart to make me more useful to Him.

Renovation/remodeling is a lot of work. Many people are totally worn out when they have finished their projects. I often remind them why they started the process in the first place; they want to have a great place to call "home". Heart renovation is also a lot of work and the only purpose for remodeling our hearts is to give God a place to dwell that is worthy of His glory. That means no evil can reside where Christ lives. Only a clean heart can be home to the Lord.

God, clear out all that is old and sinful in my heart and make for Yourself an abode where You are pleased to dwell. I can't make a clean heart, I only can give You my willingness for You to do the work. My desire would naturally be to live with the old self in place, but You can, and have, changed my desires to long for a clean, pure heart, devoid of sin and evil, for You to dwell.

Continue the work in me, though it is hard, it is for my good and Your glory. Give me longings for You and Your Word that the process would not stop short of You bringing me to completeness in the image of Your Son. Let all who watch the process be encouraged and also long for Your work in their own hearts and when You have completed the work in each one of our hearts may the world know it is You who has done it and may they stand in amazement of Your perfect craftsmanship. You are good and we know that You always finish the projects You have started.

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