Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Dirt

In Matt. 13 Jesus tells the people and the disciples a parable of the 4 types of soil. I was reading somewhere and was struck with the idea of the soil of our hearts being hardened.

When I think about crusty soil, soil that is so parched it is more like concrete than dirt, and then think about trying to get a seed or plant to grow there it seems pretty futile. Contrast that with sol that is black, rich, soft, fluffy, that smells sweet and it just seems like everything will grow there.

I like using the rototiller in the latter soil, but the first one is going to give you a serious work out. The first time you use the tiller on the crusty soil it is best to water it down a bit, just to get the tines into it. After a few passes the hard, crusty soil submits to the work of the tiller and before long that soil can be worked enough to be fluffy and ready for planting. The transformation, just in the dirt, can be amazing.

I want to have a heart of rich soft dirt that the Lord can plant His Word in and He can cause a crop to grow at His desired increase. He is the One who takes the time to work our hearts, He plants the seed, He waters and He causes plants to grow. Oh to be a garden for His glory. Oh to be the place He wants to plant His seeds, because He knows our soil is rich and will produce.

He can work this in us, but we have to be willing to take the work of His tools in our lives, or we will just be hard crusty soil forever. Lord work in us.

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