Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If I am held by the God who holds the entire universe in His hand
If I am watched by the God who sees every sparrow fall
If I am sustained by the God who controls the wind and rain
If I am known by the God who knows the number of every hair on each head
If I am guided by the God who guides every planet and star
If I am given understanding by the God who knows the thoughts and meditations of every heart
If I am fed by the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills
If I am promised the desires of my heart by the God who never breaks His promise
If I am loved by the God whose love is unfailing
If I walk on paths made by the God who directs every path
If my hope is in the God of all Hope
If I am heir to the King of all kings
If I am subject to the Lord of all lords
If I am purchased by the Beloved Son of the God of all gods
If I am truly believing all these things, then what is there to be concerned with, except please Him?
The answer, of course, is nothing.