Monday, March 9, 2009

God is Near When we Call

Deut. 4:7 For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as the LORD our God is to us, whenever we call upon him?

There is no god, no idol, no other like our God. He is near to His children. He covers us with His wings and gathers like a mother hen to guard us from fear and harm. All other gods are spoken to by their followers but none can speak like our God speaks to us. The nearness of God is my delight and His Word is a comfort in every situation of life.

How can we not be passionate about His Word, when He, who needs no one, laid aside His very privacy that we might know Him intimately? How can we not be a thankful people, calling upon Him early in the morning and in the late watches of the night, because we are in need of His care every minute of every day. There is no good thing we can do, except through His working in us. We have no righteous desire on our own. We must ask Him to give us His righteousness, that we would desire it at all.

It is easy to pray when I am going into the "lion's den", but how quickly I forget to pray when things are going well. I need to see my utter need of His care at all times, not just when the trials come. I am irritated with my ease of complacency when things are not in crisis. I want to be walking near to Him, following close to Him, hanging on every word He says, all the time. Only He can work that in me. Lord please work in me.

On my own, I am proud, working hard, busy and trying to "help" Him by doing my part. I want His glory to be my passion, not something in this world. I want my eyes to be filled with all that He is, all the time. When I look up, I want to see Him. When I look down I want to see Him. I need a clear vision of who He is to keep my focus on Him.

Lord, Please give me eyes to see Your glory and splendor. Keep me close to You. Don't let me follow after things that only bring heartache and lose. You are the greatest treasure, You are the ONLY true joy. In You are fountains of delight, springs of cool refreshing water in the desert of this life. You give good gifts here on earth, but don't let me love the gifts, only the Giver. I have loved Your gifts before, don't let me be trapped again.

May my gaze be always Heavenward. May my heart be inclined to Your Word and the things that are of You. May my greatest joys come as I seek Your face. May You be the light that shines out from me, that others might see and be encouraged. You are great and greatly to be praise. Let me sing of Your mighty acts among the people, that You would be lifted high and Your name be magnified above all others. Keep me hot for You.

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